If you are struggling to get people aligned to achieve anything significant, you probably have a culture challenge. Want to change that? Clarify values. Live values. Values fuel a culture of performance.

Aligning both personal and company values fuels the power of culture to achieve more together. Personal values are often overlooked. Misaligned or undefined values undermine, confuse or block people’s performance at work. At all levels in organizations.

Too often I walk into a new assignment and find that personal values have not been defined and consciously aligned to the signature of the company. “Signature” is the uniquely identifiable values, purpose, mission and vision every organization must have clear and present.

Culture is what brings your company signature to life for employees, customers and suppliers. Culture isn’t just an executive row thing. Culture isn’t just an HR thing either. It is an undeniable presence that permeates the entire organization.

Don’t know your culture reality? Use voices to check it. Voice of Customer (VOC) and Voice of Employee (VOE) mapping tells your true story. Tools like SuiteCx are the best at capturing and sharing how your culture is enabling or undermining performance.