My eyes have always shown exactly how I am doing.

The more blue, the more spirit-connected I am.

The more illuminated, the more powerful I am.

The more smiling, the happier I am.

The more gazing, the more love I am sharing. ?

Today, after miles of snowshoeing in pristine mountains I took this selfie from 7000ft on an uninhabited summit looking over hundreds of miles of Northern California. Not bad, huh?! I’m feeling great!  My eyes are encouraging me to continue to Renew, Rejuvenate and Relax. To continue to Love, Explore, and Imagine. To be ready for an amazing 2017 of Wonder, Expansion and Service to many.

When you look into your own eyes, what are they telling you? Take a selfie or look in the mirror. Take care of yourself. We need all of you here and living your special purpose.