SIMPLICITY. Let’s be honest; We are all “complexors”. Give us something unexpected, a problem we didn’t anticipate, then we begin to over analyzing, over reacting, and over reach for immediate answers. Answers that are elusive and unknowable through even brute force. Answers that need to unfold in the most simple ways. Answers that will ironically arrive faster if we just pause. Take a step back to witness and listen. What is your heart telling you? What is your soul speaking to you? Is your mind connected to your heart so you can feel for the answer to arrive? ?

The process is simple to move through difficult times: begin with empathy. Listen within. Look outside at what others need. Find a kind, clear and simple way to take a step forward through your difficulty. And know one very important constant about life: we chose to have the experiences lived. Own it and love the opportunity to be the clear voice and bold action needed in our time.