Resilience Development

• Resilience is the most important missing skill needed today

• Three decades of experience developing companies, people and teams deployed

• Drivers and nuances of corporations, non-profit organizations and local government agencies incorporated into design and delivery

• Intuitive, successful and inspired coaching, workshops and events that transform everything


At the intersection of science, technology and skills development, learn how to increase your energy capacity to be resilient all day long.


Resilience Advantage Workshop

Your personal energy is like a battery, filling up and being expended every day. If you are feeling low, exhausted, confused or depressed frequently, then management of your life energy is imperative right now.

  • You can have more energy throughout the day and less stress
  • You can intuitively know how to respond to changes and challenges
  • When out of sync, you could reset yourself just like you reboot your computer
  • Your communications can be clearer, richer and more fulfilling

Key Principles

 Based on more than 25 years of HeartMath’s published, peer-reviewed research on the science of resilience and VeraHeart’s leadership, coaching and training experience, The Resilient People program delivers:

  • Increased situational awareness in relationships, meetings and projects
  • Enhanced ability to focus, process information and solve problems
  • Heightened creativity and innovation
  • Increased ability to handle challenging clients and situations
  • Increased access to intuition for fast, effective decision-making on complex issues
  • Increased vitality and resilience
  • Reduced stress, worry and fatigue

Plus, personal, wearable biofeedback tools available from HeartMath allow people to experience real time feedback to monitor and sustain results.

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“Last weekend I attended a HeartMath Workshop by Lane. They offer clients profound tools for maintaining coherence by returning to a heart-centered breath. They turn the old adage, “take a deep breath,” into a transformational portal by giving the science behind it, technology to track your progress, plus coaches to help you practice.”
– Lucy Miller Robinson

“I have been able to deal with more than the usual amount of stress with amazing calmness, clear thinking and [can] sleep even with the challenges ahead of me. I am energized and amazed how calm I am when making major decisions.”
– Travelocity (Expedia) Employee

“I want to share this with all who feel burned out, overwhelmed, or stuck in their professional or personal life. Imagine an organization, a world, that leads with the heart!”
– Barb Hudak, MS, BSN, RN

Human Heartfield

Featured HeartMath Products complement the VeraHeart Resilient People Program

Inner Balance Bluetooth Sensor

For iPhone and Android

The Inner Balance Sensor is an innovative approach to improving wellness through training, education and self-monitoring. With the Inner Balance app run a session focusing on a positive moment. Research has shown that focusing on positive emotions like appreciation can greatly reduce the effects of stress and deliver you to a more calm peaceful state. Moderate your breathing, activate a positive emotion and restore your Inner Balance.


Inner Balance Bluetooth uses BT4.0 (BLE–Bluetooth Low energy) which works at an output power range of 0.5 millwatts (mW) or less — this is significantly lower than mobile phones which typically have output levels between 250 mW and 2000 mW. The tiny Bluetooth emitter is in the module that attaches to your garment, not in the ear sensor. Inner Balance Bluetooth is compliant with applicable FFC tests.

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