Looking Back.

Can you look back at your life to see your pattern of choices?
As a human being made of spirit, mind, emotion and body we survive through learning a pattern of choices that make us feel safe. Ego is there to protect us. But, today the threats are so different that ego is over-active navigating through uncharted territory. Where is the real threat? What response will take me out of danger? What should I fear now?
These are truly unprecedented times. We are all making it up every day. The best way to find peace, clarity and purposeful safety today is to step outside your ego self periodically. Look back. Are your choices giving you the life you want? Desire? Deserve? Then tell your ego to rethink the plan. Give it small “keep me safe” jobs. And begin making bold new choices. Your power is in your choices!
The world needs you to be fully here and actively engaged in your life. So go out there… and look back… then step back inside yourself with awe that you made it this far and with excitement that you get to go out and screw up some more stuff tomorrow!