Ask your heart questions as often as you ask your mind. “How do I feel about…?” We are all energy. Your heart field is a sensor and transmitter in your energy field. Develop empathy, the ability to read energy, like you develop better cognitive skills. You need both.

This YouTube video with Bruce Lipton is 5 minutes of intelligence that lays out the fact that we are all 100% energy. And that we are not separate in our body or energy field. It is precisely because we are all connected that it is a wake up call to leaders everywhere to learn about #HumanEnergy, the truth of our being as energy systems interconnected to all things visible and invisible.

These topics must be on your development goal list to thrive in our world today:

  • Human Energy: the Discovered Truths of Being Human
  • Empathy in Leadership: Engage All of People
  • The Power of Beliefs and Intention for Achievement
  • Conflict Resolution Starts with Managing Emotions
  • Resilience through Heart Science and Intelligence
  • Mindfulness and Presence Every Day

This is an exciting time for tapping into the new frontier that is a new source of growth and results. People.