Do you want to be comfortable or grow?

Growth requires courage, love, faith, determination and a willingness to learn from mistakes. And it definitely will require you to give up to gain.

Follow your heart.

I did. I do. My life is nothing short of more amazing and miraculous than I could have ever imagined. “You can’t write this stuff,” has become a common exclamation around my life events.

Follow your heart.

When you do, there is a deep feeling of clarity that arrives. Sometimes it takes a while. Sometimes it is instant. That clarity is is obvious to others around you. You’ve changed. You aren’t resisting what to give up.

Follow your heart.

There is more intelligence than in our brains. Beyond emotional intelligence that our heart manages, there is also what science often calls “non-local intuition”. Those who access this intelligence know that words or pictures are incapable of fully expressing what they know. Their heart and mind work coherently together and they deeply trust these insights.

During the golden time of reflection, renewal and sourcing your hopes for the year coming, list what you “know” you must give up to grow. Pause. Listen. Then connect with how you feel as your intuition pops in its knowing about your amazing future gains as a result of releasing your resistance to giving up everything on that list.

Happy New You!



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