Consulting and Coaching


Lane Michel

  • Trust that the truth will be found and you will hear it.

  • Define and communicate your organization’s unique signature: values, purpose, mission, vision.

  • Rapidly get more of critical needs for your organization off your to-do list.

  • End repeating conflicts by addressing underlying issues head-on, even if they are emotions.

  • Clarify the role of people in your strategy, customer relationships, innovation and operational effectiveness.

  • Develop superior leadership skills within yourself and your team.

  • Rely on the commitment to deploy mindful, intuitive and experienced business know-how.

Services Include: Exit Planning & Strategy, Management Strategy, Culture Development, Marketing Strategy, Customer Relationship Management, Employee Engagement


“Lane was the third consultant we brought in to help us get traction on completing our firm purpose and core values, and he quickly and successfully got our people through the barriers that were holding up the process.”
Lynn Teuscher
Owner & Partner
AGT Accountants

“Lane Michel is one of the brightest, most dedicated and innovative business partners I’ve ever had. I can’t imagine a coaching situation where he wouldn’t be a tremendous asset, solving problems, generating ideas, and being wonderfully helpful and supportive!”
Bob Dorf
Coach and Consultant driving disruptive innovation at startups and Fortune 500s
Co-Author of The Startup Owner’s Manual: The Step-By-Step Guide for Building a Great Company


  • Speak your truth, safely and honestly.

  • Be truly heard through listening that connects your words and heart.

  • Resolve depleting emotions to build resilience and reduce conflict, stress and confusion.

  • Discover, clarify and energize your purpose, your reason for being.

  • Be inspired to courageously choose the uncharted path, solution or strategy.

  • Experience your own wisdom unfolding that is complete and right all by itself.

Services Include: Business, Executive and Personal Coaching

Lane Michel

“Very effective, intuitive and heart-centered coaching. My business began to flourish after the first session.”
Elizabeth Diane
Lucid 9 Design