To be ALIVE is to move your energy. I see too many people letting their energy drain away. Holding stress, resentment, frustration, anger or any other depleting emotion causes your energy to leave.
If you feel someone takes your energy, it really is a choice you made to let your energy be taken.

Stephen Hawking said, “energy is a bit like money: if you have a positive balance, you can distribute it in various ways. Building that positive balance takes 2 immediate actions on your part.
1) Breathe deeply. Fill your lungs with air that holds energy that keeps your being alive.
2) Be grateful. “Be” means not just sourcing and listing things to be thankful for. Be-ing means taking action. The cycle of gratitude increases your energy, distributes it more to come back even greater.. and the cycle is an ever-growing spiral of gratitude energy.

Be ALIVE. Be the energy that you were meant to be!

Here’s another Gratitude Revealed video, this one on energy to spark inspired ways to be alive —