EQ, Emotional Intelligence, has been identified in whole or part as a critical leadership principle for our time.

Empathy sets charisma into motion to elevate a leader to one who is credited with engaged followers. That same leader with high EQ often says the people they lead are not followers but their inspiration, partners and team.

These high EQ leaders also are interested in energizing people, engaging not just their mind but also their heart, and achieving results that everyone celebrates as “we did it!”. High EQ leaders are discovering that a unified field that embraces managing emotions is an important new source of growth and achievement.

The eleven traits typically associated with Emotional Intelligence are:

1. There is no such thing is perfect
2. Understand work and play balance
3. Change is a welcome part of life
4. Curiosity about others and their story
5. Empathy for self and others
6. Know strengths and weaknesses
7. Self motivated
8. Don’t live in the past
9. Focus on the positive
10. Not easy to offend… small ego
11. Create and maintain boundaries

The skills needed to live the 11 traits and deliver high EQ are:

? Emotional awareness – able to name your and others emotions,
? Harness emotions – own and apply emotions to every day activities, and
? Manage emotions – able to shift depleting emotions and harness renewing emotions.

How do you score yourself on the 3 skills and 11 Traits of Emotional Intelligence?


Note: Part of this post is sourced from UpliftConnect.