• Three decades of experience developing people and teams.

• Drivers and nuances of corporations, non-profit organizations and local government agencies incorporated into design and delivery.

• Intuitive, successful and inspiring events that are a transformational milestone.

Events include: Building Resilience and Stress Management, HeartMath Certified Trainer, VeraHeart Power 7 Series Coach, VeraHeart Peopture™ Custom Workshop Development and Coach

Resilience Advantage™ Workshop

Resilience Skills for Clear Choices, Optimal Function and Innovative Action

Resilience Advantage Workshop

Is your life battery running on empty? What would your life be like if…

• You had more energy throughout the day?

• You intuitively knew how to respond to change and challenge?

• When out of sync, you could reset yourself just like you reset your computer?

• Your communications were clear, rich and fulfilling?

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Want to Learn More About the Resilience Advantage™ Workshop?

In this skill-based program, you will learn practical tools and strategies to strengthen resiliency and improve decision-making. Based upon the Institute of HeartMath’s research into the physiology of optimal performance with expertise from VeraHeart, you will walk away with concrete practices that increase well-being, mental clarity and emotional stability.

Human Heartfield

Plus, experience real time feedback through the innovative emWave® or Inner Balance™ Technology to monitor and sustain results.


  • Increased situational awareness in relationships, meetings and projects

  • Enhanced ability to focus, process information and solve problems

  • Heightened creativity and innovation

  • Increased ability to handle challenging clients and situations

  • Increased access to intuition for fast, effective decision-making on complex issues

  • Increased vitality and resilience

  • Reduced stress, worry and fatigue

Workshop Topics Include:

  • The latest findings from optimal-performance research.

  • Skills for building resilience in the face of change and uncertainty.

  • Intelligent energy self-regulation techniques.

  • Closing the gap between who we are at work, home and play.

  • How to better access intuition for improved decision-making.

  • Practical ideas for easily integrating valuable tools into everyday routines.

HeartMath Certified Trainer

Lane Michel and Lynda Nguyen

Coaches Lane Michel and Lynda Nguyen, HeartMath Certified

“Last weekend I attend a HeartMath Workshop by VeraHeart. They offer clients profound tools for maintaining coherence by returning to a heart-centered breath. They turn the old adage, “take a deep breath,” into a transformational portal by giving the science behind it, technology to track your progress, plus coaches to help you practice.”
– Lucy Miller Robinson

“I have been able to deal with more than the usual amount of stress with amazing calmness, clear thinking and [can] sleep even with the challenges ahead of me. I am energized and amazed how calm I am when making major decisions.”
– Travelocity (Expedia) Employee Participant

“I want to share this with all who feel burned out, overwhelmed, or stuck in their professional or personal life. Imagine an organization, a world, that leads with the heart!”
– Barb Hudak, MS, BSN, RN

“The Navy supports [HeartMath] Coherence AdvantageTM* training because it provides tangible tools and skills that can and have improved individual functioning which means more effective and successful missions.”
– Capt. Lori A. Laraway, Navy Expeditionary Combat Command

Based on more than 20 years of HeartMath’s published, peer-reviewed research on the science of resilience, The Resilience Advantage program provides a powerful skillset and engaging technology to prepare you to thrive in a world of flux, challenge and opportunity. This best-in-class program is used by the US Navy, hospital systems and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Now HeartMath’s research tools and training are a part of VeraHeart’s personal and professional development programs.

Resilience Advantage Workshop

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