Not fleeting instant gratification or personal pleasures. Not even fiery passions that briefly fill and sustain us. It’s MEANING that we must seek when we say we want happiness. It’s meaning that lays a foundation for resilience. Meaning brings us to a level of consciousness that rises above the daily grind to be more powerful.

Without the clarity of meaning, a business owner and leader will struggle in our world of growing dissatisfaction and disengagement. And so will the people they lead and the organization that is their responsibility.

Emily Esfahani Smith, author of “The Power of Meaning” describes 4 Pillars for a Meaningful Life in her TED talk and book. They are:

1. Belonging – to lead with love in relationships

2. Purpose – it’s less about what you want and more about what you give; it’s using your strengths to serve others

3. Transcendence – to be connected to something more than yourself

4. Storytelling – you are the author and can edit your life story at any time you choose

She beautifully shared that we must build these four pillars within our self and with our institutions to create greater engagement, joy, happiness and fulfillment.


Meaning has become understood as the greater goal to unify and engage us all. The task is to make meaningful goals that build, contribute, and deliver a better life to many generations.

The science of happiness has always pointed to purpose/meaning as the peak experience of a life filled with happiness. Positive Psychology and Heart Intelligence research sciences are at the center of growing our knowledge and predictable results for purposeful, meaningful investments. Coaching, more than consulting or training, is the fertile ground delivering impactful practices and tools to align and empower people to find happiness and fulfillment.


You are a business owner, CEO or Managing Director? This is a must if you are going to make the contribution that likely drove you to your purposeful place. Grab the chance to adopt and adapt new methods that will

  • harness meaningful accountability
  • while delivering the opportunity for the people you lead to choose more meaningful lives at work, at home and in your communities.

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