Emotions color all of our communication. ALL of our thoughts and words have emotion underneath, alongside, carrying our truth and real message.

I was sharing NonViolent Communication language and process with a client this week. The simple and effective tools Marshall Rosenberg captured in his book by that name have always made a difference in my life and so many others. When we own our feelings and needs, our choices become clearer. Our words become calmer. Others respond to us more consciously.

So, my business brothers and sisters who believe that we can stuff down emotions, gloss them over (my previous specialty) or compartmentalize feelings to deal with later, the BUZZER sounds loud! {*^~\+=_} You will keep dealing with and creating conflict. Unresolved emotions are following you around stirring up crap you may not want to keep experiencing.

Time to face the emotions music. And yeah, you are going to cry. ? But, I promise, you are going to feel better and achieve so much more. Guaranteed.

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