Leadership begins inside. Culture is a reflection of what is inside leaders. That’s the hard truth.

“You can’t delegate culture… You can’t buy it. You can’t implement it,” said Meredith Haberfeld, CEO, ThinkHuman, a colleague and brilliant executive coach points to EQ — Emotional Intelligence — as the critical skill in leaders to light up culture in their organization.

This article by Zendesk also published on LinkedIn by Tara Ramroop honestly captures my experience and the most important dialogue for understanding why culture and employee engagement implementations are falling far short.
It’s not a big consulting project. It’s not a new C level position. It’s not a sideline activity while you advance product, efficiency or funding.

Transferable Value created in a company has the human element right at the top of the CEOs priorities every day. People are the real reason any CEO has her or his job. Creating value, lasting and resilient value, only comes from intelligence in action.

There is a shift needed to deliver the culture promise. Take skill to the HQ level — Heart Intelligence — and then #HumanEnergy is unleashed throughout a coherent culture. It’s HQ and EQ that are the intelligence missing.

From IQ to EQ to HQ. That is where the true super boss leader is emerging.