The light of love blazes through even the smallest act of forgiveness.

The hurts you experience along your life journey become hardnesses in your heart, mind and body. Hardening your heart deprives others from your love and cuts you off from the love you want. Rigidly guarding yourself from more wounds or more suffering only dismisses the freedom forgiveness offers from those very wounds and suffering. Holding on to what can be forgiven creates injury within you and your body.

Inviting forgiveness is a challenge for each and every one of us. We have to let go of not accepting that we all fail, we all stumble. Forgiveness means letting go of our hurt, hardness and being “right”. Letting go of our self-judgment is often at the core of why we can’t forgive others.

Soften your hardnesses. Each day, allow others to forgive you. Open yourself to exchanging forgiving words. Love is expressed through giving and receiving forgiveness. Starting each day with one act of giving and one act of receiving forgiveness will change your life faster than you can imagine.

This video from Gratitude Revealed beautifully expresses the path forgiveness opens. http://gratituderevealed.com/portfolio/forgiveness/