Adopting and then adapting any great teaching is how we make it our own. 

For the late Dr. Wayne Dwyer, the adoption rate continues to be impressive.  His 10 Rules for Success can be found everywhere.  The 11th rule he might have added is “Adapt freely everything that makes you live a full life.”

In that spirit of rule #11, I’m sharing my personal rules list with you:

  1. You cannot give what you don’t have – Fill yourself with love so you can give love.
  2. Don’t Identify yourself with what you accomplish – Our soul has the capacity to go beyond ourselves (titles, accomplishments) and our attachments.
  3. As you think so shall you be – Dream big to achieve great things in life. Keep repeating what you would like to manifest with intensity and belief.
  4. Be Open-minded – There is no one who knows enough. Keep growing. Keep learning from people and situations in life.
  5. Change the way you look at things – If you are stuck in life, can’t overcome your challenges or having too many conflicts, then seek an alternate perspective. There is a way forward.
  6. No one likes to be told what to do – Stop pushing your opinions, thoughts and ideas on people. Allow them to explore and arrive at their own understanding.
  7. There are no justified resentments – If you are carrying resentment towards anybody or anything, these resentments will always harm only you. You are bound to come across people who treat you badly. Let go of them completely without wasting any breadth.
  8. Stop Finding Excuses – We choose to hang on to beliefs and create excuses to keep us away from growing. Face the fears that stop you. That’s the only way forward.
  9. Walk down another street – When we know that the path we have chosen is not working out for us, change the path. Choose or find alternatives BUT never give up.
  10. Don’t Die with your Music still in you – All of us have a music that is our own. It’s a tremendous power and energy to create wonders. Limiting or turning away from our unique music creates the question “what if my whole life has been wrong”? Find and live your purpose, your music, NOW.


Adopt and Adapt Simple Practice

A great practice for adopting and adapting is to try on each of the 10 rules, one a day, by setting your intention in the morning to live that day’s rule fully and consciously. Witness how you see and feel things differently.  Notice your thoughts, in particular the negative chatter in the back of your head.  At the end of the day, take five minutes or so to make the rules your very own.  Keep what resonates.  Throw away the rest.  Move on the to the next day.  At the end of ten days, post your very own rules as a commitment to live your full purposeful life.