Lane Michel

Lane Michel coaches business owners and leaders, builds organizations and inspired purpose-driven teams, and helps people live their life purpose.

His career as executive, founder, board member, manager and management consultant have given Lane a broad international experience to draw upon. His deep experience includes roles that range from business owner to executive to engineer to consultant in the technology, personal development, consulting and non-profit sectors.

Lane and his wife, Lily, make their home in Northern California where he remains actively involved in private and public organizations caring for children and animals.

As a NAVIX Exit Planning Strategist, Lane helps business owners plan for and achieve a happy exit that secures financial freedom and leaves a legacy of success for family, employees and clients. Having successfully navigated most aspects of founding to growth to exit, Lane is uniquely qualified to assist owners in preparing for future sale, transfer of ownership to partners, employees or family members, or liquidation.

Collaboration between employees, specialists and advisors who will help owners successfully exit is paramount; Lane is known for his ability to bring people together from multiple disciplines to rise above conflict and achieve results. He always brings heart to what is a complex, life-changing series of decisions.

Lane achieved certification by the Institute of HeartMath in 2014 to harness leading science, technology and skills development that builds resilience in people.  Over 25 years of peer reviewed research and development of techniques and tools to increase coherence between mind and heart have delivered life-changing, business-shifting results.

Lane was fed up with wellness programs that didn’t deliver wellness, stress management workshops that only stressed out people more, and leadership development that focused on willpower more than empathy, energy and purpose.  Licensing HeartMath and remaining closely involved in their continued discoveries has given Lane the ability to guide executives and employees to more fulfilling personal and collective results.

As a VeraHeart Coach, Lane guides business owners and leaders to focus on people as their greatest asset leading to previously untapped results. Defining an organization’s unique signature (values, purpose, vision) provides access to latent energy for sustained change and growth. Time-tested implementation leadership in building resilience, empowerment and purpose are the core of VeraHeart’s contributions.

Lane is the Founder and Owner of VeraHeart LLC, guiding its self-managed constellation of coaches and consultants and developing tools that harness purpose to ignite the power people have together.